Calling & Voicemail

Why Can't I Make Voice Calls?

Troubleshooting steps for Voice issues.

Wi-Fi Calling (VoWi-Fi)

Voice Over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi)

What Is Smart Dialing?

Description of the Smart Dialing feature and how it can be activated or deactivated.

What Is Smart CLI?

Smart CLI definition & how to switch ON or OFF.

Truphone Voice Services

Index of Truphone's voice service features & their links.

Premium Rate Numbers

FAQs about Premium Rate Numbers.

How To Use The Callback Method?

Definition of the Callback Method and its different dialling patterns.

How To Activate Call Waiting?

Steps to enable, disable, and check the status of the Call Waiting service feature.

How Do I Use Voicemail?

General Information about the Truphone Voicemail service.

How Do I Set Up Voicemail?

Steps to set up your Truphone Voicemail and its features.

How Do I Set Up Call Forwarding?

Definition and steps on how to switch on/off Call Forwarding.

How Do I Set Up Apple Visual Voicemail?

Frequently Asked Questions on Apple Visual Voicemail and its compatibility with Truphone.

Calling Abroad, Country Codes and International Dialling

Guide on how to make a successful call to an International number.

Blocked Numbers

Details about blocked numbers & your Truphone SIM.

Internet & Data

High Usage Alert Overview

This article provides thorough information about HUA.

How To Check Data Usage

Article on how to check how much data has been used.

How To Connect To 2G/3G (BlackBerry10)

Steps on how to connect to 2G or 3G on a Blackberry 10 handset.

How To Remove Spam Calls and Texts

List of agencies in the Truphone countries you wish to block spam calls/texts.

Setting Up Data On Your Handset

Checklist for when connecting to the Internet via the Data service.

What Is A Truphone Data Cap?

Definition of EU Data Cap and Roaming Data Cap.

What Is Data Roaming?

Steps on how to activate Data Roaming & its importance when traveling with your Truphone SIM.

What is 4G?

Definition of 4G data speed.

Tethering & Mobile Hotspots

Definition, setting up and troubleshooting for Tethering & Mobile Hotspots.

I Have No Data Or Internet Connection

Troubleshooting steps for Data Connection issues.

I Have No 4G Data

Troubleshooting guide for when you cannot get a 4G/LTE speed on your handset.

I Have No 3G Data

Troubleshooting guide for issues connecting to 3G.

How To Configure Your APN Settings (Apple iOS)

This article covers the steps in updating your iOS device's Truphone APN settings.

How To Configure Your APN Settings (Android)

Steps on how to configure the APN setting on Android handsets.

How Fast Is My Internet Connection?

Reference to identify the data speed per byte.

How Do I Estimate My Data Usage?

Estimates of possible data usage per internet activity.

How Do I Set Up 4G/LTE Setting On My Handset?

Steps to set up the 4G/LTE feature in smartphones.

Data Explained

Everything you need to know about data with your Truphone SIM.

How To Download Updates for Sony APN

Steps on how to download the internet APN settings for Sony handsets.

Text SMS

Why Can't I Send Texts to Short Codes?

Details on why text messages on Short Codes are failing using a Truphone SIM.

Why Can't I Send Or Receive Text SMS Messages?

Troubleshooting steps to fix SMS issues.

Why Am I Not Receiving Texts From Some Service Providers?

Definition regarding Machine Generated SMS (A2P).

Truphone SMS Service

Description of the Short Messaging Service (SMS).

Just Landed SMS

Frequently Asked Questions in regard to the Just Landed SMS feature.

How to Turn iMessage/FaceTime On/Off (Apple iOS)

Steps on how to switch on/off Apple iPhone's features, iMessgae & FaceTime.

Network & Coverage

What Is A B2B Enterprise SIM Swap?

A guide when requesting a SIM change.

Why Do I Not Have Coverage On My Handset?

Troubleshooting steps for Network Coverage issues.

Why Do I Have A SIM Card Error?

Different SIM card errors & what to do with it.

Where Is 4G Available?

A list of 4G destinations covered by Truphone.

What Is Truphone World?

List of countries covered in the Truphone World.

UK Network Upgrade - All You Need To Know

We are upgrading our service to bring you 4G in the UK.

Truphone Zone

The Truphone Zone countries & its benefits.

The Truphone Network

Where we operate, our coverage and the Truphone world.

What Happened With 3G Coverage In The US?

A guide to the US 3G Network shut down.


eSIM For Business Plans

eSIM For Business Plans.


How to Migrate to Truphone

Steps on how to migrate from another operator to Truphone.

Migrating with a Physical Plastic SIM

Steps on how to migrate to Truphone with a plastic SIM card.

Migrating with eSIM

Steps on how to migrate to Truphone with an eSIM.

Installing Your New eSIM on iPhone

Steps on how to install an eSIM on an iPhone.

Installing Your New eSIM on Android

Steps on how to install an eSIM on Android.

QR Code Errors

What are QR Code errors.

Check if Your Device Supports eSIM

List of devices that support eSIM.

Migration Issues

My Service Seems Unstable

Steps to take for service issues with your eSIM.

No Data or Voice Service after Migrating

Steps to take for data or voice service issues after migrating.

Wrong Phone Number

Steps to take if get a wrong phone number after migration.

I Can Make Calls But Not Receive Them

Steps to take for issues with inbound calls.

No Internet / No Data Service

Steps to take for internet issues after migration.

No Internet While Travelling

Steps to take for data issues while traveling after migration.

Strange Numbers in iMessage on iPhone

Steps to take if your iMessage have strange numbers.

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