How To Configure Your APN Settings (Android)

Steps on how to configure the APN setting on Android handsets.

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If you’re struggling to browse the Internet from your Android handset via the mobile data connection, your device may not have the correct APN settings.

Whilst recent iPhones, Blackberry, and Windows Phones should all automatically configure the data settings, many other devices including some Androids, will not do this and may even lose the settings when changing countries.

The APN settings should be set to and no other settings (password etc) are required to get online.

For Android devices running Android v 5.1 or later, Truphone has created an app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, This will allow you to set the APN either fully automatically or manually with a single touch.

For devices with Android v 5.0 or earlier, APN settings can usually be set in your Apps under:

1. Settings  
2. More Networks (or Cellular Networks)
3. Mobile Networks (or Wireless and Networks)
4. Access Point Names
5. Add New APN

Name:  Truphone
*Leave all other fields empty including the Username and Password as these are not required.

If you are still having issues using data after setting the APN, please go to I Have No Data Or Internet Connection.
For more information on data settings and how to set APN for other handsets, please go to Setting Up Data On Your Handset.

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