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How Do I Estimate My Data Usage?

Estimates of possible data usage per internet activity.

Below is a guide for possible data usage per activity. Measurments are estimates & figures may vary:

 Activity  Measurement
 Hours of General Internet Usage Each Week
 (Browsing, Blogging, etc.)
 5MB per hour
 Emails Sent or Received in Typical Week  500KB per email
 (including attachments)
 Photos or Documents Downloaded or Uploaded in
 a Typical Week (e.g. Facebook, P2P etc.)
 850KB per image
 Music Downloaded or Uploaded in a Typical Week
 (e.g. YouTube, Facebook etc.)
 5MB per song
 (4-5 min duration)
 Hours of Online Videos Viewed in a Typical Week  2MB per minute
 Movie Trailers or Game Trailers Downloaded in a Typical Week  100MB each
 Movies Downloaded or Uploaded in a Typical Month  2GB per film
 Hours of Online Radio Listened to per Week  Average stream at 128Kbps
 Hours Spent on Online Games per Week  15MB per hour

Truphone data usage in and out of bundle is rounded to the nearest 1KB.

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