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Single-source solutions for Global Financial Markets

With an ever-growing number of communications channels that need to be recorded, users need to be able to integrate consistently and globally with their suppliers. Having multiple sources of data delivered in different structures from multiple suppliers simply isn’t viable anymore, so we provide a single overarching solution.

Our in-network or cloud recording solutions deliver a consistent service across any Financial Institutions’ global user estate - dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of managing multiple suppliers while also simplifying the challenge of system integration.

In-network mobile recording solutions

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What is Call Forking Technology?

Traditional mobile voice and SMS recording can be prohibitively expensive while roaming and with some vendors, roaming recording is not available at all. Where other vendors do offer roaming recording, the quality of the call is also inversely proportionate to the physical distance of the user from their regulated recording infrastructure. The call quality suffers as the media is backhauled via the recorder before being connected to the recipient. A good example is a UK regulated user visiting Australia for business. When calling their colleague in Sydney with traditional vendors, the call will travel a “round trip” of 24,000 miles via the UK recorders. This creates almost unusable in-call latency.

By contrast, our patented Call Forking technology handles calls at the nearest POP with only the recorded stream routed back home. As the call itself remains local, both users can enjoy a high-quality call with no connection delays, latency or roaming costs.

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The Future of Mobile Communication in the Global Financial Markets

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Other Solutions

All of Truphone’s solutions are built with the highest standards of resilience, security and reliability so you can rest assured your organisation will be in safe hands.

Channel solutions

Including WhatsApp, WeChat and Microsoft Teams, we can enable a unified compliance interface across multiple channels.


Network solutions

Delivering the resilience, scale, global reach and capability to meet the rapidly evolving mobile communication demands of the Global Financial Markets.


Delivery solutions

Providing mobile connectivity via a SIM, eSIM or Application on a recorded or non-recording basis—underpinned by industry-leading customer support globally.


Compliance solutions

Further shifts by the industry towards BYOD models and consistent, global monitoring are opening up the floor for new technologies and trends.


Service solutions

Opting for a unique global mobile network that puts enterprise-grade service at the forefront across multiple countries will both simplify and enhance mobile capability.


Further Information

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What we can do for you

Truphone for Finance provides mobile connectivity via a SIM, eSIM or application, on a recorded or non-recorded basis all underpinned by industry-leading and award-winning global customer support. Truphone has supported the Global Financial Market for 10 years and includes 10 of the world’s 12 largest investments banks as customers.
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  • Agile – Recorded and non-recorded mobile connectivity across channels and platforms.
  • Global – Full service and support in eight of the world’s largest financial hubs. Integrated compliance service in a further 20 countries.
  • Specialist – designed for Global Financial Markets.
  • Integrated – All services delivered under one global MSA, compliance, security regime, real-time delivery and reporting platform.
  • Tailored – Data stored in Truphone’s secure global cloud or delivered in real-time to existing infrastructure.