What is My Truphone?

Overview of the My Truphone app for consumers.

Compatible phones

Devices compatible with the My Truphone app.

What is eSIM / Dual SIM

Understanding eSIM and Dual SIM technology.

Will my physical SIM card still work?

My Truphone works alongside your current physical SIM.

My Truphone Data Plans

Available data plans

Global, regional, and local data plans on My Truphone.

How to buy a My Truphone data plan

Buy a My Truphone plan that works instantly.

Auto renew feature

Setting your plan to auto renew.

Delayed activation feature

Delaying the start date of a plan.

Using your data plan

How do I use data on my new eSIM?

Checking your data usage

How to see how much data you have used.

Plan expiry

What happens when my data runs out?

Buying more data

How to buy more data.

Buying multiple data plans

How to buy more than one plan for your Truphone eSIM.

Multiple plan management

If I have more than one active plan, which plan is being used?

4G LTE availability

Where is 4G LTE available on My Truphone?

Voice, SMS, and phone numbers

Voice, SMS, and numbers on My Truphone.

Setting up eSIM

Downloading your eSIM

How to download your Truphone eSIM.

Labelling data providers / phone lines

Name your SIM/eSIM service to easily differentiate between them.

Configure iMessage and FaceTime

Choose your preferred line for iMessage and FaceTime.

Default line: Mobile Data

Select your default line for mobile data.

Managing eSIM on your phone

Switching between SIMs

How to manage which SIM is supplying mobile data.

Dual SIM status icon

How to see the signal strength of each phone line.

Deleting and reinstalling an eSIM

How to delete or reinstall an eSIM on your phone.

Transferring an eSIM

How to reinstall an eSIM profile to a new iPhone.

Travelling with eSIM

Data Roaming

Using Data Roaming on your eSIM.

Buy before you fly

Buying a plan before you travel.

Tips and Tricks

Smart ideas to help you make the most of eSIM while travelling.


My service stopped working

Some reasons why your service may have stopped working.

Device is locked

The app says my device may be locked, what is a locked device?

Plans not available

I get a message saying plans are not available here, why?

Our award-winning support staff are available 24/7/365

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