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How to buy a My Truphone data plan

Buy a My Truphone plan that works instantly.

First, download the “My Truphone” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and open it on your phone.

When opening the app, you will need to enable your location to display the relevant plans. We also advise that you accept "Notifications" so that we can occasionally communicate updates to you, such as when you are running low, or have run out, of data:

  • Accept location detection: so that we can show you plans in your local area.
  • Accept notifications: if you want to receive alerts about your usage.

On the plans page, you will see a list of data plans that cover your current location as well as regional and global plans for roaming. You can see plans that cover other locations by tapping the location button at the top of the screen and selecting a different country.

Before first use, you will need to create an account (for security). You can use an existing account from Apple ID, Facebook or Google, or create an account with us using a valid email address and chosen username and password.

Then select the plan you want, and progress to checkout to complete the purchase.

During checkout you can set your plan to auto renew or delay activation for up to 30 days. If you have a promo code, make sure to enter it here before checking out.

You can purchase with Google Pay, Apple Pay, Mastercard, American Express or Visa (Note: Apple Pay does not support auto renew).

Once you've purchased your plan, the app will launch the eSIM helper. This configures your Truphone eSIM profile for download. To learn more click here. You can choose to activate your plan immediately, or later.

If you activate immediately, you'll be connected to the Truphone network within a few seconds.*

*Make sure the Data Roaming switch is ON when using a Truphone plan.

Our award-winning support staff are available 24/7/365

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