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What is My Truphone?

Overview of the My Truphone app for consumers.

My Truphone is a native app for iOS and Android devices that lets you buy mobile data plans to get you instantly connected around the world. This is great for anyone who wants to save money on their mobile data usage, and do it in the most convenient way possible!

Our global plan works in 114 countries and territories. We also have regional plans for Europe, Asia Pacific, and USA as well as local plans for specific countries. To learn more click here.

What are the benefits of My Truphone?

By having the My Truphone app installed on your eSIM-compatible phone, you'll be able to buy data plans instantly whenever you need them with no long-term commitment, and no strings attached.

That means no waiting for a physical SIM card to be posted or having to collect one from a shop. Just buy a data plan straight from the app and download your eSIM profile to activate it. The data plan runs in parallel to your current mobile data plan from your existing mobile service provider.

No SIM card also means less plastic going to waste - reducing single use plastics is one of the biggest benefits to our planet, and not buying local SIM cards when you travel can really help.

Our award-winning support staff are available 24/7/365

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