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Buy before you fly

Buying a plan before you travel.

Buying a My Truphone plan for a different country.

Our global plan works in 114 destinations, but you can also buy many local plans that offer more allowance at a lower price. To see our local plan list please click here.

On the plan selection screen, tap your location at the top of the screen. This will show you a list of countries. Tap your desired destination to show the plans that we provide there.

Buying before travel.

The My Truphone app allows you to buy a plan up to 30 days before you travel. You can do this in the checkout screen by deactivating “Activate now.” This gives you up to 30 days before your plan becomes active.

Once you've purchased your plan, the app will launch the eSIM helper, and guide you through the process of downloading a Truphone eSIM profile onto your device. *

*Due to iOS settings, your iPhone will automatically switch to this plan even if you’re not planning on using it yet. You should switch back to your primary network through phone Settings > Mobile Data

When you land at your destination, open My Truphone and tap the local plan at the bottom of the dashboard and tap ‘Activate’.

You won’t be able to pause the plan after that, so make sure you don’t activate the plan before you need it and make sure Data Roaming switch is ON when using a Truphone plan.

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