Our IoT SIMs connect your devices securely to our global network and include eSIM capability as standard.



3-in-1 Removable Global IoT SIM Card

Combination Mini/Micro/Nano IoT SIM

The 3-in-1 IoT SIM card is trusted technology for low-cost and retrofit projects. It splits into 2FF, 3FF and 4FF sizes to fit standard SIM slots. And as it supports eSIM technology, it's not locked to a single operator.

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The Truphone eSIM comes as standard with our global IoT connectivity.

eSIM can securely provision and store multiple operator profiles—providing the ability to easily switch between networks. With Truphone’s data plans and Consumer/M2M SIMs, IoT devices can therefore be updated and connected remotely and at scale—the deployment and management of connectivity for thousands of devices, at your fingertips.

A single IoT SIM for global operations.

IoT eSIM evolves the traditional IoT SIM card from the ‘dumb chip’ locked to one network, to a smart, rewritable and network-agnostic module—which can be embedded into the device or written onto a removable card. eSIM is not a form factor but a new standard which provides enhanced capabilities to manufacturers and end-users.

Download the Truphone eSIM Cookbook.

A few simple recipes to smooth the journey towards the next generation of connected devices using IoT eSIM.


IoT without Wi-Fi, connected globally.

IoT eSIM connects devices from the moment they are switched on. The fact that it can store multiple profiles on one chip allows manufacturers to ship products with a profile containing a small amount of connectivity built in. We call this the Bootstrap profile.

Centralised activation.

Bootstrap is essential to activate IoT devices remotely or where no interface is available. IoT administrators can use this connectivity to remotely provision an operational eSIM profile to the M2M SIM on the IoT device—either from Truphone or another operator of their choosing, without the need to manually interact with them.

Single-SKU manufacturing.

IoT eSIM is especially suited to Truphone’s IoT data plans as our global network allows devices to be activated anywhere in the world. This provides for a more efficient supply chain—enabling device makers to confidently manufacture eSIM-enabled devices in a single production line, safe in the knowledge they will connect.

GSMA-accredited secure eSIM and SIM provisioning platform

Simple and secure IoT mobile connectivity at the touch of a button.

IoT eSIM card

Smart SIMs for a seamless IoT.

Global connectivity

Plans for connecting your devices.

Device and connectivity management

Manage devices anywhere in the world.