Engineering Manager

Secure Sites

Salary: Competitive

Location: Porto Salvo, Portugal

Posted: 11 Feb 2020

Main Purpose of the role

We're developing and operating Consumer and M2M Remote SIM Provisioning platforms deployed in several locations globally. These platforms are used to securely provide and manage eSIM profiles that are made available for devices to utilize. The platform serves several critical applications and hosts hundreds of millions of profiles in a security intense environment. The secure site team deploys and manages the secure sites including datacenter, compute, storage, network, firewalls, secure access, secure logging, HSMs, backup and restore, deployment procedures and pipelines. The secure site team is reponsible for deployment of a fully functional site that can be audited and certified for live operation. We truly care about our customers and worry about functional and non-functional scope in a highly collaborative and diverse environment.

Key Responsibilities

The Engineering Manager is the person we trust in, and to whom we delegate the successful delivery of a service from planning to ongoing operations.

  • Iterates with product management to translate the scope, strategy and requirements into an executable roadmap.
  • Maintains alignment with product and development teams to for new requirements and secure site continuous improvement.
  • Procures the budget and resolves dependencies required to deliver the demand generated from business needs.
  • Establishes and mantains highly autonomous and productive multi-disciplinary engineering teams.
  • Keeps the team engaged and business aware.
  • Hires, manages and develops team members.
  • Evolves the team maturity to be on par with the non-functional and functional state-of-the-art.
  • Drives solutions that delight customers and scale globally.
  • Communicates transparently to the whole business.
  • Reaches out to other teams and works towards alignment and overall continuous improvement.
  • Acts as a beacon of excellence and as an employee of reference.
  • Promotes the Truphone brand internally and externally.
  • Participates in security audits and certifications for site security like PCI DSS and GSMA SAS-SM/SAS-UP.
  • Owns the site deployment roadmap and associated costs.
  • Owns site rective and pro-active maintenance ibcluding capacity management.


Track record of having past team members referring as a technical leader and manager.

  • Able to anticipate needs
    • Anticipates problems and addresses them before they cause impact
  • High attention to detail
    • Understands how big-picture goals inform technical details and vice-versa
  • Liked and engaging
    • Knows how to manage emotions and values re-enforcing relationships
  • Business oriented
    • Focused on profitability and aligning "the what" and "the how" with "the why"
  • Action oriented
    • Doesn't leave things to be addressed or left undone
  • Trusting and envolving
    • Accepts other people's contributions, expertise and experience
  • Confident and clear
    • Able to interact with senior levels without getting flustered
    • Able to loop in junior levels without confusing them
    • Able to manage expectations on both junior and senior levels
  • Candid and communicative
    • Communicate honestly with stakeholders and knows how to give and get feedback
  • Working experience with security audit and certification processes
    • Specifically GSMA SAS, ISO2001 and PCI-DSS
    • Great experience with risk identification, mitigation and lifecycle management
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