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Wholesale Roaming Analyst


Salary: Competitive

Location: Manila, Philippines

Posted: 25 Oct 2018

Main purpose of the role

Responsible for the analysis of traffic flows (Volumes) and underlying costs and revenues for 8 Truphone MVNO and All international outbound roaming traffic ( Direct and International sponsored roaming) to identify areas of underperformance, TAP/RAP, rating and pricing related issues.

Key responsibilities

  • Manage relationship with Data Clearing house by acting as primary company contact.
  • Ensure data flow integrity by monitoring the conversion between vendor/switch files into GSMA standard TD.57 files
  • Develop daily, weekly and monthly roaming usage reporting and analysis: Process daily roaming records to verify, monitor, & correct errors during daily usage processing.
  • Manage fraud detection and prevention systems and processes by daily monitoring of NRTRDE reporting.
  • Complete roaming agreement AA.14 updates and distribute as needed.
  • Ensure the implementation of cost saving actions by monitoring wholesale costs, providing change of steering recommendations based on pricing analysis/costs and monitor ongoing IOT discount and triggering commercial action before contract expiration.
  • Creating a first class database of wholesale pricing assets recording, structuring and codifying Truphone's wholesale prices within a standardised architecture.
  • Ownership of the wholesale 'pricing table' incorporated into the commercial bid model
  • Management of Truphone's wholesale agreements database ( AA.12, AA.13, IOT Discount, MVNO and sponsored roaming contracts) and all knowledge management assets under strict change control creating relevant reporting highlighting all critical KPIs.
  • Wholesale analyst will work cross functionally with different Truphone departments in the support of projects, assessment and evaluation of potential deals providing wholesale analysis( forecast, pricing, roaming rights,technology and regulatory status)and reporting proposing solutions based on this analysis.
  • Commercial assessment of change of steering request and overall changes on current roaming set up raised by Truphone Operations team.

Skills and experience required

  • Knowledge of international roaming and its associated industry documents and processes, understanding of MVNO and sponsored roaming traffic ecosystem.
  • Knowledge of Data clearing house for GSMA TAP/RAP IOT Validation, FCH standard processes for invoice validation and reconciliation.
  • Advanced Excel skills including using pivot tables and other formulas preferred.
  • Track record of financial modelling and analysis and the use of various tools for this.
  • Strong team player with excellent stakeholder management skills
  • Strong analytical and data management capabilities;
  • Highly organised; forthright; driven; energetic; able to work independently with minimal supervision ( Absolutely key skills if role is located outside UK)
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