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Manage devices from the moment they’re switched on.

Truphone Entitlements is a strategic capability which allows operators to enable new products such as Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch or network features such as VoWiFi, on their subscribers’ devices. The entitlements server enables operators to inform devices of which services are available to use on their network and enforce which subscribers can access these services.


Truphone Entitlements does all this for you, in the cloud

Traditionally, enabling an entitlements server requires significant integration between the device and the network operator. It’s also expensive for the network operator to deploy a fully redundant, multi-site in-network entitlement server solution.

With Truphone’s entitlement solution, all the complex entitlement APIs are abstracted away to simple modern web APIs that work across any device or operating system that supports entitlement server. The entitlement server sits between the device and the operator network, managing and abstracting this complexity and maintaining parity with changes to entitlement specifications from OEMs.


On iOS, enabled via a 'carrier-bundle' update, the device establishes a secure channel to the operator entitlement server.

Authorisation is cross-referenced with the operator's authentication centre (AuC/HSS) using EAP-AKA procedure before entitlements are granted back to the device.

An operator could define a specific roaming configuration for a group of subscribers to provide more seamless roaming experience for customers.


The operator manages a repository of subscribers, and their associated entitlements are referenced by the entitlement server. The repository itself is populated from the BSS/CRM of the operator.

The operator manages the brands for their subscribers in the entitlement server. The server is not customer-facing, so the end-user is unaware of the assignment—only that it works.

Operators can switch services on and off at a subscriber or device level, and subscribers can switch services on their device on and off.


Apple products and wearables require an entitlements server for activation of service.

Regulatory requirements of VoWiFi require the collecting of information relating to emergency calls in some markets.

Improves user experience by utilization of notification services via non-SMS based Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).



  • Enables wearables use cases such as Apple Watch OneNumber (Multi-SIM).
  • Combines RSP and Entitlements under one solution and one commercial agreement.
  • Additional revenue stream. Most operators offer a flat or inclusive fee for voice, SMS and data. Having another revenue stream creates additional services that can be charged to the subscribers’ business plans.
  • Decreases operator's costs. The Truphone-hosted entitlement server reduces implementation cost by providing a cloud native 'out the box' solution.
  • Provides end customers with an improved overall experience by enabling operator services automatically on end devices.
  • Truphone is an Apple ecosystem expert and can guide the operator through the entire journey.
  • Faster time to market. The Truphone-hosted entitlements server can be used as quickly as the operator can move, meaning you can get up and running in a very short period of time.

The Truphone difference

Truphone has been a trusted partner of Apple’s for five years and was the first Apple eSIM provider. Truphone has been instrumental in the boom in eSIM technology, provisioning 1 million eSIM profiles in the first year and going from strength to strength since, with over 6 million eSIM profiles provisioned to date. Truphone also provides state-of-the-art Entitlement and RSP services to over 25 operators across the globe.

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