Simplify your supply chain by connecting your IoT devices anywhere in the world, the moment they’re switched on.

What is bootstrap?

Bootstrap connectivity is an essential part of eSIM technology. The bootstrap profile comes pre-installed on the device and connects that device to any available network, wherever it is in the world—out of the box.




No Wi-Fi? No problem.

Bootstrap is essential to activate devices remotely or where no interface is available. This allows devices to be set up and configured by a central administration, without the need to manually interact with them locally.

Bootstrap at work—with global coverage.

Truphone Bootstrap is already being used in some of the world’s most prominent connected devices. As the only provider in the world that develops and operates its own GSMA compliant eSIM, remote SIM provisioning and global mobile network, Truphone can provide a single solution encompassing the necessary hardware, software, and management platform to enable truly intelligent connectivity.


  • Global or regional connectivity based on many MVNO or roaming access agreements into our single core network to create a global footprint of the best carriers.

    • Access controls
    • URL whitelisting
    • Allowed footprint (country 1, 2, x)
    • Session speed control
  • Reporting
  • Over the air (OTA) solution to update the Bootstrap profile
  • SIM profile image always has a single SKU for the world
  • SIM and carrier intelligence
  • Flexible Bootstrap profile install

    • During manufacturing: integrated into OEM manufacturing process or firmware install
    • Device first use: install via Truphone GSMA RSP platform
  • Single global IMSI or mature multi IMSI solution available
  • Control carrier switching and steering of roaming
  • Network and policy intelligence (APNs, routing, profiling etc)
  • Analytics, reporting and Cloud (e.g. Amazon S3) integration
  • Access to Truphone connectivity and device management platform
  • Unified billing—a single bill for the world in one currency

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