That’s why we aim to enable more connections than anyone else and why we’ve been leading the charge in the eSIM revolution from the very beginning.

From smartphones, laptops, tablets and wearables to the most advanced IoT devices, our truly global network and our complete eSIM solution help to connect people, devices and networks seamlessly all around the world.

As one of the world's leading innovators in eSIM, cloud and digital solutions, we own and operate a powerful, versatile platform that makes provisioning and activation simpler than ever and puts the power of eSIM in your hands.

In a digital-dominant world, physical SIM cards create logistical complexity, excessive cost and harmful plastic waste while preventing us from realizing the full potential of truly global connectivity. That’s why we’re focused on digital-first solutions for eSIM and why we’re trusted by leading banks, network providers and companies the world over.

“At Truphone we are relentless in the pursuit of giving companies, devices and networks the freedom and choice to make instant global connections because we want to create seamless, sustainable access for all.”
Harry Odenhoven, Truphone CEO

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