Operational Resilience Digital Debates

July 2020 · FREE REPORT

How control functions across all three lines of defence are updating their resilience planning

Operational resilience is different from operational risk management, business continuity planning and disaster recovery, but how?

Resilience is a first line responsibility for financial institutions in terms of policy, standards and implementation, but in the United States there is no best practice widely adopted. Challenges faced in the current climate have elevated focus on resilience, bringing to light broader resilience and BCP issues.

Read our report in conjunction with 1LOD, which breaks down the interactivity between the three lines of defence and helps US firms build a solid resiliency framework.

Key learnings:

  • How operational resilience differs to operational risk management
  • How the COVID-19 outbreak has affected reliance on mobile communications
  • That resilience is now a priority focus for regulators
  • The importance of technology in resilience planning
Operational resilience and resilience planning



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