Truphone Mobile Recording

Solves your mobile voice recording needs around the world without affecting call quality or the user.

On the Record

Designed to aid Dodd-Frank and FCA compliance, Truphone Mobile Recording is an in-network solution that works as well abroad as it does at home.

Truphone Mobile Recording
Worldwide Recording

Worldwide Recording

Call Quality

Unchanged Call Quality


Cloud OR Onsite Storage

Worldwide Call Recording

With 20% of our clients’ calls now taking place abroad, demand for international call recording is growing. Our global network means we can provide you with a single solution that works across the world’s major financial hubs. One supplier. One contract. One technology.

Worldwide Call Recording

Built-in Compliance

Because our recording technology is built into our patented mobile network, there’s no change to your user experience. Instead compliance is seamless – with no delay or degradation of calls. You can use your phone exactly as before, including call waiting, conference calling and voicemail.

Truphone Compliance

Top 7 Banks Are Customers


300,000 Calls Recorded Monthly


250,000 Texts Recorded Monthly

Free to Choose

Choose between storing your voice and text data onsite or within our cloud facilities. We’ve been security-assessed by over 60 financial institutions, and employ bank-grade security firms to regularly audit our systems.

Cloud or onsite storage

How it Works

Truphone Mobile Recording is available on both our local and world plans.

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