• Icon enhanced mobility

    Enhanced productivity

    Your business can stay connected anywhere, anytime.

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    Global service

    24/7 multi-language support, with a single global contract and bill.

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    Predictable costs

    Customisable global plan with all-inclusive for calls, text and data.

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    Better connected

    Fast 4G data and crystal-clear calls in 190+ countries.

Breaking boundaries, globally.


Fast data worldwide

We only partner with the best cell phone networks in each country so you can be certain of a network that won't let you down. Speeds and stability are rigorously tested. If there's an error, we fix it instantly.

Plus, you get 4G at no extra charge in 43 countries (more soon).


Single global network covers 190+ countries.

We believe in a world without borders. That's why we built the world's first unified global cell phone network, pushing the boundaries of cell phone communication. Doing business internationally is easy with Truphone – there's just one contract, one bill and one award-winning customer service. We empower your business to thrive, globally.

How global cell phone communication works with Truphone

USA London

From his office in London Mike calls his client, Sandra, in New York, and it's a local call.

Missed call

Sandra spots a missed call from Mike's U.S. number. She rings back, and it's a local call.


Mike flies into New York. No need to swap phones, or sims... his U.S. number works when he lands.

New York China

From New York, Mike calls a colleague in China it's free as it's Truphone to Truphone.

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