What is Internet of Things World?

Internet of Things World is North America's largest IoT event in the market, attracting over 12,500 IoT professionals. Across four days, strategists, technologists, developers and implementers come together to showcase industry-leading innovations in the IoT space.

Internet of Things World

What is Truphone bringing to the table?

Last year we launched our exciting IoT offering: Truphone Io3. The idea promised to bring together Truphone's market-leading SIM technology and unique global cellular network, alongside intelligence platforms to unlock the connected device ecosystem. Truphone Io3 offers MNOs, and chip and device manufacturers complete, uninterrupted control of their supply chain.

Since the launch, we’ve been busy connecting devices, creating new products and making leaps towards the mass adoption of eSIM.

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Truphone Io3

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Our business solutions featured here are tailored for scale-ups and medium-to-large enterprises.

For consumers and individuals, we have eSIM solutions for smartphones here and connectivity solutions for iPad here.