An open IoT Platform.

When scientists linked two networks to build a 'network of networks', the internet was born. IoT needed a similar solution, a 'platform of platforms' that allowed seamless connectivity between every device and every provider. We used our unique position as the world's first global MVNO to form a community of experts to solve this challenge. The result is the Io3 Application platform. It's more than the internet of things.
It's the internet of everything.

Io3 silo
Io3 ecosystem
The history of IoT:

IoT is currently based on manual integration of every platform which requires deep expertise and complex multiparty agreements. This creates tremendous cost, inefficient use of IoT services, and exposure to security breaches.

The future of IoT:

Io3 is an open platform with streamlined agreements and an open architecture that aims to bring standardisation to IoT. It includes a dashboard with analytics, mobile device connectivity and a growing API library.

Device Management.

  • Track, operate and control every device with absolute ease.
  • Integrate your devices and solutions using a growing library of API's.
  • Monitor, troubleshoot and update every device OTA (Over the Air).

Device Management

Detailed Analytics.

  • Gain unimaginable insight into your customers' behaviour and preferences. 
  • Device and network data aggregated into a single customised dashboard.
  • Flexible monitoring and real-time reporting.

Customer Analytics

Data Security.

  • Secure distribution of device data across multiple cloud platforms - Amazon, Google Cloud, Azure - with a single sign-on.
  • Encrypt or compress device data with zero impact on battery power.
  • Fully secure end-point for transmission of device data.

Data Security

Full control and integration with IoT Applications.

It's not about good data; it's about great decisions.

  • AI Machine Learning

    Implement AI & machine learning

  • Rapid Iteration

    Iterate and innovate rapidly

  • Customer Responsive

    Become more user responsive

  • Personalised Offers

    Personalise offers and increase value

  • Customer Loyalty

    Improve customer loyalty & retention

  • Cloud based data sets

    Work with any cloud provider

IoT Platform IoT Platform Systems

Want to customise and integrate with existing systems?

Dive into the API, or let us do it for you.

  • Route data instantly to mulitple cloud vendors.
  • Securely transfer data from Truphone cloud to Enterprise cloud.
  • Track device and data usage for clients and partners.
  • Remotely deploy and connect new field devices.
  • Charge customers based on usage via API calls (e.g. voice, SMS, resourcing, etc).
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