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Why cutting mobile use abroad is a false economy

Why cutting mobile use abroad is a false economy

In what is a pretty volatile global economy, companies are understandably reining in unnecessary expenditure. But if that involves pressuring employees to limit, or bar, their use of smartphones when on business travel the benefits of the globalisation that is fuelling much of today's business success could be lost.

The threat to the success of international business operations is not an illusory one. In its 2015 report Unfettered Mobility: Driving the International Extended Enterprise the market researcher International Data Corporation found that employees are becoming both "less available" and "less collaborative" when working internationally. "This impacts both productivity and job satisfaction," IDC says.

Not all supported by mobile

Some employees told IDC they found clear pressure from companies to keep certain levels of employee from racking up company smartphone bills when on business trips. The favoured few, given a free pass to connect, included senior management, sales and marketing staff – but others in crucial operational, human resources, administration and finance roles were not supported with mobile service.

In what IDC calls the "international extended enterprise" – the globalised network of customers, suppliers and partners that most firms now habitually work with – it says "this disparity of function cannot be tolerated". Specifically, IDC found that:

  • 17% of 1100 people surveyed were forbidden from using mobiles when working abroad;
  • 32% said mobile use abroad was based on seniority;
  • 33% of those with service said data speed was too slow;
  • 30% said poor call quality impacted productivity

Factors that restrict mobile workers' productivity when travelling internationally

Source: IDC, 2014

It is clear that restrictions are being placed on those at the sharp end of international business. But in a mobile economy, especially amongst what IDC dubs "younger, smaller and more dynamic organisations" collaboration and connectivity whilst travelling are key drivers of success.

Help is at hand however. With Truphone's worldwide network, staff can roam freely and enjoy all the benefits of being a local user in 100+ countries (or about 80 per cent of the corporate world). You're greeted as a local user by one of our affiliated Tier One mobile networks – with all the 3G/4G service quality that entails. And with the cost savings it brings – there are no roaming charges, remember - there's no need to cut back on globalisation's secret sauce: effective, quality communications.

Truphone offers a truly sustainable, reliable and practical solution for businesses looking to thrive in the international market. For further information on our mobile plans, head to our business page.

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