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Truphone open sources LPAd software on Android to fuel eSIM adoption

- First ever Open Source implementation of an Android LPAd.
- Key requirement for next generation of phones, tablets, wearables and IoT devices.

Truphone, the first global operator and eSIM innovator, has open sourced an implementation of the eSIM Local Profile Assistant (LPAd) function on the Android Operation System (OS). This is first ever Open Source implementation of an Android LPAd.

The Truphone Android LPAd is software that runs on Android devices to provide services such as eSIM/eUICC Profile Download and Profile Management. This is the software that phones, tablets, wearables and IoT Device Manufacturers need to develop to leverage the eSIM technology and to download new eSIM profiles (or software-based SIM cards) Over-the-Air.

The eSIM technology and the LPAd software allows Device Manufacturers to enable innovative use cases, such as allowing consumers to subscribe to a Mobile Operator directly from the device, create devices without a SIM card slot or to swap SIM card information easily between devices.

Igor Borisoglebski, Truphone's CTO stated "At Truphone we believe that there is a revolution coming in the Telecom market with the adoption of eSIM. We decided to open source this software to increase the momentum around the eSIM technology, to simplify the complexity and to reduce the effort required to build devices and innovative eSIM use-cases on devices running Android."

The open sourced Truphone Android LPAd software supports the latest released Android version and integrates with any standard eSIM Platform. The software is provided free-of-charge and can be integrated into any devices without any restrictions. The software can be download at:

This Truphone contribution to the eSIM ecosystem is part of Truphone's strategy to simplify Consumer and IoT eSIM-based innovations. Truphone has recently acquired a SIM Operation System solutions provider and was granted GSMA accreditation for its eSIM software, becoming the only company in the world to have its own SIM, Network/Connectivity and Platforms/Applications.

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