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The no. 1 way to use your phone abroad

The no. 1 way to use your phone abroad

Do dreadful download speeds keep you – or your colleagues – hooked on hotel Wi-Fi when working abroad? And are you paying over the odds for this mobile phone 'service'?

If so, you're far from alone. Expensive and unreliable mobile services are common for global employees who travel. For most of them, most of the time, derisory data speeds, high roaming rates and inferior voice quality are the norm.

It doesn't have to be this way. At Truphone, we can solve all of these problems.

Why quality is impaired with traditional operators

Traditional operators were not designed with international calls and data as a priority. They suffer from a serious design flaw: they always 'phone home'. So if you make a call abroad, it's first routed back to your domestic network – and is only then routed to the final international destination.

Because of this, phone and data traffic often travels very long distances, via a litany of third-party phone links. This convoluted, needlessly-extended journey means increased costs and line delays (latency). Data rates slow. Voice quality degrades.

Traditional mobile operators don't have a single, global solution, but a combination of networks. They don't have the technology, or the infrastructure, to fix this. Truphone does.

Our reliable, home-like phone experience

Our solution offers faster and superior coverage on one global plan, with one truly global network.

How? By changing the way the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number works on your SIM card. The IMSI usually identifies your home network to a foreign one. So if you're in Berlin and make a call to New York, the IMSI first sends your call back to your home, Berlin. Only afterwards does your call route internationally: to New York.

If you use our competitors' roundabout route, this could mean higher costs and lower data and call quality.

One SIM. Up to eight international numbers

With Truphone, you have a unique SIM card with multiple IMSI numbers for international networks. When you, or a colleague, land in one of these countries, your SIM registers as a local subscriber giving you a reliable, home-like experience.

You can have up to eight, international phone numbers on your one SIM, saving you money. Your clients in these markets can also save money as they're only charged for a local call.

A better way to do global business

The advantages of our patented technology and one, global network has attracted thousands of corporate customers, including brands like Citibank, Netflix and Harley-Davidson.

Talk to us and see how we can help you too.

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