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September’s industry news round-up

September’s industry news round-up

This month's industry news round-up revolves around a number of areas, including the ever-growing importance of business travel, why B2B leads the way when it comes to The Internet of Things (IoT), the best business mobile apps for 2017 and how MiFID II may be ushering in the age of free financial information.

The essentialness of face-to-face meetings and business travel

Mark Caswell, writing for Business Traveller, discusses why face-to-face meetings are essential for achieving business objectives and the increasing role that business travel is playing in this. Utilising a recent survey conducted by American Express on business travel, Mark reveals that over 75% of the UK individuals surveyed believed that face-to-face meetings are "essential to achieving business objectives".

Half the respondents believe that reducing current levels of business travel would give competitors an advantage and would result in a revenue decrease of at least 25%. The survey also revealed that 71% of workers feel business travel makes their job more interesting, along with over half claiming that travelling for business "has made them consider working abroad".

2017 marks the "point of no return" for IoT adoption

Michael Moore's article for IT Pro Portal explores how B2B is leading the way when it comes to IoT and why, according to a new report from Verizon, there is now no turning back from new deployments. The Verizon report reveals that nearly three quarters of executives are either researching or deploying IoT solutions in their business, with $2 trillion expected to be spent on IoT by the end of the year.

Michael reveals that nearly 70% of the IoT's market value is coming from the B2B sector, as more and more businesses begin to see the benefits of connected technology across the workplace. The report concludes that there will be an estimated 8.4 billion connected IoT devices in use by the end of the year – a 31% rise compared to 2016.

The best business mobile apps for 2017

Business Computing World features an article, written by Tahir Mohammad, examining the top 5 business mobile apps for 2017. Claiming that certain apps can prove invaluable for your business, Tahir begins by highlighting ClickMeeting, an app that allows you to schedule and book meetings, live stream events and much more. The SurveyMonkey app is also included in the article, providing an online survey tool that makes light work of conducting consumer and employee polls.

Zoho Docs is the next app cited, a useful document management app that allows you to create and share files, as well as send them from your mobile device. The final app highlighted in the article is Sprout Social, providing easy access to social media management tools, along with tools for social media analysis.

MiFID II set to disrupt the financial industry in more ways than one

Concluding this month's industry news round-up is Billy Bambrough, writing for Verdict and discussing how MiFID II could usher in the age of free financial information. MiFID II comes into effect on 3rd January, 2018, and along with the requirement for mobile recording, one of the most disruptive new elements is that banks and brokers will have to price the cost of research and trading separately. This has resulted in one bank, ING, making its financial research completely free.

Other banks are now thought to be considering the same direction as ING, with Billy believing that when one provider in a market either massively lowers the price of its services, or begins offering it for free, it's likely that others will be forced to follow suit. Asset managers now have to consider just how much a regular flow of research and analysis is worth to them.

Are you fully prepared for the imminent arrival of MiFID II? Head over to for a solution.

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