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Unfettered communication key to mobile productivity

Unfettered communication key to mobile productivity

There is a proven way a business can boost its productivity without great financial outlay: ensure that the communications tools that are put into the hands of employees are reliable, easy to use and affordable. And that, crucially, no artificial barriers are put in the way of their use.

That last point might sound a tad obvious, but the fact is that many companies tie the hands of their employees when they travel abroad on business - by ordering virtual radio silence on their company cell phones on the grounds of cost.

'Radio silence'

In a survey of 1100 business people, the US-based market research organisation International Data Corporation found that 28% were, by corporate decree, asked to "curtail mobile usage when working internationally". And 17% percent were ordered never to use their company mobile devices while abroad.

But it's communicating with customers – including internal ones – that lets people project their company's values and products, empathise with their problems and jointly arrive at answers that – hopefully - suit both sides. So cell phone-use-limiting pressures are one great way to kill networking, innovation and productivity in one fell swoop.

The positive impact of mobile features on productivity when working internationally

Impact of having access to the following features:

Source: IDC, 2014

But even amongst those who can use cell phones abroad, there is a thorny productivity hit waiting in the wings: having to carry multiple phones loaded with SIMs for use in different nations. This adds to the employee's cognitive load however: is the right gadget charged up? Do the SIMs have enough minutes? It all distracts from doing business.

There is another way: thanks to patented technology and the striking of managed network contracts with cell phone service providers around the world, Truphone lets its users roam around the world with a single SIM in their own phone. It's a global service that feels local. And each user can have up to eight numbers that look like local numbers to customers in their own countries.

"Before Truphone, I would have to carry a UK phone and a US phone, frequently with one on and one off. But with Truphone I now just carry one phone," says Andy Wincel, president of Western Pegasus, a maker of precision automotive gearbox components with manufacturing operations in the UK and US.

"I know that customers in the US and UK can now get directly through to me, which is phenomenal. And the savings are substantial."

If you wish to find out more about how our international mobile plans can improve your business' overseas communications, and save you money, request a call back today. And be sure to visit our mobile plans pages for businesses.

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