Airport Tips for Business Travellers

Airport Tips for Business Travellers

To work or not to work? Advice from your international business mobile provider

Airports can be stressful, we feel your pain. Security queues, passport checks and a mass of people to contend with is never fun - and that's without a delayed flight. If you're travelling for work, you'll want to make your journey as smooth as possible. It's important you arrive at your destination fresh and ready to face the important tasks that lie ahead.

As providers of international business mobile plans to clients across the globe, Truphone know a thing or two about relieving airport stress and making your time in transit more constructive. Accordingly, we thought we'd share our knowledge ahead of your next flight.

Top tips

• Make use of valet parking options or take a taxi to avoid stress
• Arrive early to account for security queues
• Pack light to avoid check-in queues
• Make use of business lounges if you've got long transfers or delays
• Use your international mobile plan when you arrive to arrange transport from the airport

Taxi or parking?

Your method of arrival will depend on the time of your flight and your schedule, but there are benefits to both of these. Driving to the airport and parking can offer more flexibility, however parking can be expensive and some car parks require a shuttle bus to the terminal itself. We'd recommend taking the car if valet parking is an option, but this can often come at a premium and requires advanced booking.

Taxis are often the best method of travel, but you should always remember you're putting your journey in someone else's control which can be a stress in itself. It's also worth considering the return journey - will you need your car? If not, then taxis both ways will allow you to unwind without worrying about the stress of driving after a long and arduous journey.

How early should you arrive for your flight?

The answer to the above question depends on your feelings about airports. There are two ways of looking at the situation:

a) Arrive a couple of hours in advance of your flight. Unwind in the departure lounge with a coffee, maybe do a little work and enjoy some shopping. This option isn't for everyone and the more you travel, the less you may come to appreciate airports.
b) Arrive the minimum amount of time to comfortably get through security and board the plan straight away. This will reduce the amount of time your journey takes, but it can be stressful if you hit traffic en route or you encounter long security queues.

The departure lounge

If you opt to arrive early and unwind, you'll want to make the most of the mobile signal before your flight takes off. Make some final calls to the office or catch up on your emails whilst you can. You might also benefit from utilising the facilities that the airport has to offer.

Many airports have business lounges allowing you to use desks and Wi-Fi, which are always worthwhile - particularly if you encounter delays. There might also be relaxation areas that allow you to get some rest if you have a long wait in between transfers.

Touch Down

When you touch down, the absence of hold luggage will ensure you breeze past any further wait times or queues. If the airport has the option between electronic passport checks or manned checks, you'll save time by using the manned ones. Many people are still working out how to use the electronic system and this can leave you queuing longer than anticipated.

You'll also want to use your international mobile plan and roaming free data to access your emails, making potential plans for your onward journey. Check your appointment schedule and ensure that there's no changes to your business engagements. Apps such as Google Trips help you plan all aspects of your journey in one handy to manage folder.

Airport transfers

Following a long flight, you'll want to ensure the next leg of your journey runs smooth. Rent-a-cars have many benefits for business travellers, but we recommend downloading an app such as Kayak that makes the process straight forward. It's also worth ensuring you have a good navigation app; put your international mobile plan to good use and download an app like Waze get you from A to B.

If you opt for taxi transport, Uber will ensure that you don't get overcharged for the fare and the card payment can be useful if you don't have local currency when you touch down. It's recommended that you avoid booking taxi transfers in advance unless you know the company well. Variables such as flight delays can cause these to be unreliable, whilst most airports have an abundance of taxis waiting at the terminal doors.

Travelling with Truphone

It's impossible to predict exactly how each individual flight will go and the odd delayed flight or backlogged security line is often unavoidable. What can be avoided, however, is paying extortionate roaming fees. With Truphone, the days of roaming charges are a thing of the past. Head over to our site to see our range of international mobile plans for professionals and businesses for more information on how we can assist with your business travels.

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