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We believe in a world without borders. In connecting people and things. Without limits. It’s why we became the world’s first unified global mobile network, pushing the boundaries of technology. And pioneering one global SIM that instantly becomes local wherever you go.



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For us, good enough is not good enough. We’re innovators who believe only the best will do – and our world-leading products include business mobile plans, global mobile recording, IoT solutions, prepaid international SIM cards and Truphone for Apple SIM.

Ralph Steffens

“At Truphone, we’re renowned for our technological breakthroughs – and for our game-changing products that help businesses and individuals get better connected worldwide.”

Ralph Steffens, Truphone CEO

The Truphone difference.

We have an in-built advantage: we’re global by design.

Unique global infrastructure.

Unique global infrastructure.

With coverage in over 190 countries, our single global mobile network offers the most local service experience. This boosts international call and data quality – and lowers costs for you, your employees or IoT assets.

Patented SIM technology

Patented SIM technology.

Our international multi-identify SIM seamlessly switches to operate like a local SIM – with local data speeds, call quality and costs. Uniquely with us, you have multiple international numbers on a single SIM. What’s more, our SIM integrates with eSIM.

We have innovation in our DNA and future-proof our solutions, including investing in the latest eSIM breakthroughs.

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  • KIA's connected car

    Blog - 03 MAR 2017

    Truphone’s future-proof technology enables KIA’s connected car.

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  • Press Release - 06 FEB 2017

    Truphone Launches International Data Plans for iPad Users.

    Customers can use same data plan in 40 countries with an introductory offer of 100mb free.

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