A year of eSIM

Just over one year ago, Apple launched its first eSIM-enabled iPhones. Since then, we have seen a major shift in demand for eSIM enabled services and a rise in the number of eSIM deployments around the world. As eSIM becomes commonplace, fear, uncertainty and doubt have subsided to make way for the era of truly frictionless connectivity.

A year of eSIM

Fast, easy, now.

At this year’s e-SIM Connect, Michael Moorfield, Director of Product at Truphone, spoke about the changing dynamics of the business to customer relationship—in particular, the focus on making things digital and instant.

With the removable SIM card remaining a key physical link between network operators and customers, mobile is one of the last technologies to become fully digitised. Given that over-the-air companies Monzo, Spotify and Netflix are currently some of the world’s most beloved brands, Michael explains why eSIM is the solution to mobile’s digital delay.

Fast, easy, now

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