Truphone Data Plan for iPad - What is it?

Overview of the Apple SIM and the Truphone SIM technology

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Apple SIM, What Is It?

The Apple SIM comes pre-installed with selected iPad Wi-Fi and Cellular models. The SIM allows you to make use of cellular (mobile) data on your iPad. When you buy one of our plans you will be asked to download a Truphone SIM/profile onto your Apple SIM allowing you to make use of our network.

Truphone Data Plan for iPad SIM

The Truphone Data Plan for iPad SIM service works with the Apple SIM to provide the Truphone Network to iPad customers.

When you buy a Truphone plan on your iPad, you also download a Truphone SIM onto your Apple SIM. This allows you to connect to the Truphone network and make use of your data allowance in more than 40 supported countries.

What Devices does the Truphone Data Plan for iPad Service Work with?

Truphone is compatible with an array of iPad models. Your device must be running on iOS 11.0 & for a complete list of supported models, please refer to the eSIM column on this Apple website.

For first time buyers in the UK, Poland, Hong Kong and Spain, the minimum iOS requirement is 10.3 for you to be able to download the eSIM, topup, and use the service in more than 40 countries.


- After the 5th of July 2020, we will no longer support iPad models launched before Oct 2018 if used in Australia .

- Starting November 19 2020, we will only sell plans to customers with iPads that support eSIM.

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