How Do I Set Up 4G/LTE Setting On My Handset?

Steps to set up the 4G/LTE feature in smartphones.

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If you are located in one of our 4G enabled countries and have a 4G/LTE compatible device, you can make use of our 4G network.

Please see below the steps for turning on 4G on your handset.

Apple iOS

1. Navigate to Settings and select Cellular


iOS LTE Step 1




2. Tap Voice & Data


iOS LTE Step 2




3.Tap LTE


iOS LTE Step 3


1. Navigate to Settings and select More Networks


Android LTE Step 1




2. Tap Mobile Networks


Android LTE Step 2




3. Tap Network Mode


Android LTE Step 3






 Android LTE Step 4

BlackBerry 10

1. Navigate to Settings and select Networks and Connections


BB LTE Step 1




2. Tap Mobile Network


BB LTE Step 2




3. Tap Network Mode


BB LTE Step 3




 4. Tap 4G & 3G &2G


 BB LTE Step 4

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