BlackBerry Overview

Good to know stuff about Blackberry and Truphone.

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Several of our customers especially Financial Institutions, require a secure and reliable method to manage their employee's handsets and the content stored on these.

This can include emails, web browsing and access to some handset applications.  One popular solution we offer is the BlackBerry Services platform.

Blackberry differs from other handset providers as it gives an increased level of control to organisations and the ability to manage their handsets directly. User profiles, handset content and the features of each individual’s BlackBerry can be managed via an On-Site Server permissions or IT Policies.

In order for your BlackBerry to connect to the BlackBerry Service, you will need to have an add-on known as BlackBerry Services.  These are only required for users of BlackBerry devices lower than version 10.

We provide several packages to match the needs of our customers. These are outlined below:

  • BlackBerry Internet Service – Internet Services only (Access to a single email account, messenger and browser)*
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service – Wireless access to an Enterprise Email and Business Intranet (Including VPN’s, applications and IT Policies)*
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Plus Service – The Enterprise Service with BlackBerry Internet usage up to 100Mb
  • Global BlackBerry Service – BES+ with an unlimited allowance for BlackBerry Internet usage**

* Only available in United Kingdom and Hong Kong
** Unlimited allowance applies when using as the APN or BBOS 7.

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