Pre-Paid SIM

Post-holiday blues are bad enough without the post-holiday phone bill. With our prepaid international SIM, you never have to worry about bill shock again.

Roam Free

Travel the world using your phone as if you’d never left home. No slow data speeds. No surprise roaming costs to face later. Just freedom to live in the now.

travel SIM

I now never leave the country without my Truphone SIM. There are so many advantages, including significant cost savings, that it really is a no-brainer for the international traveller.

Matthew Miller,

Keep Your Friends Close

Share the love! Not only is it free for you to receive calls and access your voicemail, it’s also cheaper for those calling you. Going overseas but want to stay part of your inner circle back home? Add up to three phone numbers to your SIM – one from the US, UK and Australia. Anyone from these countries can now call you at their local home rate – even if you’re halfway across the world.

cheap international calls

Local Rates

Pay only local rates for data, calls and texts when you travel in the US, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Germany, Poland or Hong Kong. Got a bigger trip planned? Check out our great rates for the rest of the world.

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