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Can your mobile network operator deliver these essential cyber resilience capabilities?

Data-driven services are integral to the way that today’s global enterprises do business—and smartphones are the key to unlocking this. But while opening up data to mobile platforms is critical, it’s also essential to keep that data secure and protected, especially since the introduction of GDPR.

As a result, enterprises are investing in people, processes and technology to protect their mission-critical systems from cyber-attacks. To achieve this goal, looking inwards is not enough. Although building a strong in-house security posture is critical to guard against the reputational, financial and regulatory risks of a breach, it is also essential to select a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that can deliver rock-solid protection for data in transit and at rest.

In this paper, we explore:

  • The key information security capabilities that you should look for in an MVNO
  • Going beyond foundational capabilities such as infrastructure hardening, vulnerability scanning and patching
  • Best-of-breed providers and how they’re using fine-grained visibility of their entire environment to rapidly detect, contain and report on potential threats to their clients
Security whitepaper


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