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Not just a new SIM, an entirely new way to connect.

eSIM is a new functionality that can be applied to almost all types of SIM cards: traditional removable SIM, soldered SIM and integrated SIM. What makes eSIM revolutionary is the ability to reprogram (reprovision) a SIM “over-the-air”.

embedded sim card

Reprogrammable: True Freedom

For mobile devices, this means that users can switch carrier almost instantly and without having to change the physical SIM.

esim management

IoT Management

For IoT devices it means that SIMs can be updated without having to remove a SIM. This is vital for potentially millions of devices deployed across the globe.

virtual sim card

Wearables at Scale

eSIM allows OEMs to create smaller, lighter devices. This functionality will be crucial for the next generation of wearable tech.

Why eUICC for IoT?

The GSMA developed the eSIM profile to support the mass deployment of M2M and IoT devices.

  • Load operator profiles to multiple devices remotely, over the mobile network or using Wi-Fi.
  • Swap profiles without removing the SIM. Store multiple profiles on a single device.
  • Flexibility of SIM types accounts for every possible use case and often takes up much less space than traditional SIMs.
  • Roaming and moving devices can now automatically navigate between network providers.
  • Enable IoT deployments to get updated by pushing profile changes to the devices from a unified control platform.
eSIM profile

True freedom comes from eSIM.

IoT is finally becoming a reality for consumers. eSIM is powering this consumer revolution, offering new opportunities to fast-moving businesses.

  • Simpler device setup without the need to insert or replace a SIM card.
  • No more inserting or removing SIM cards, between devices, countries and even operators.
  • Host multiple devices on a single plan, host multiple operator profiles on a single device.
  • Wearable tech that can operate independently of a tethered smartphone, with their own subscriptions.
  • A range of new, enhanced mobile-connected devices.
eSIM consumer

Find the right SIM.

Read our guide to the different types of SIM cards form factors, to find the right SIM for you.

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Network Operators are you ready?

Consumers, OEMs and service providers are shifting to eSIM. What’s your RSP solution?

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esim provisioning

GSMA accredited secure OS and eSIM provisioning.

The eSIM and ecosystem are as secure as existing traditional SIM technology. All our products, solutions and processes are compliant with the latest GSMA standards to guarantee high reliability and full interoperability.


The eSIM (also known as an eUICC);

can come in different form factors, such as traditional SIM form factors as well as separate smart card embedded chips such as MFF2.

sim provisioning process

Our Remote SIM Provisioning platform;

hosts the connectivity profiles from the telecoms operator. They are ready to be securely installed into the eSIM hardware, at any time, over-the-air.

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