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Connectivity tailored to your device.

We interviewed the industry's top leaders and found that the single biggest barrier to connectivity was the limitation of SIM technology. In short, no single technology offered the capability that product innovators required, so we assembled a stack of SIM technologies that include a proprietary SIM profile and out-of-the-box bootstrap capabilities. We call it Io3 SIM.

Three forms. One platform. Limitless possibilities.

SIM iPhone
Removable SIM icon
Removable SIM

Trusted technology for low-cost and retrofit projects.

Soldered SIM icon
Soldered SIM

Physical integration for send-and-forget products.

Integrated SIM icon
Integrated SIM

Software-based SIM for complete control and flexibility.

The Mighty eSIM

Are you ready for the connected revolution?

The Io3 SIM stack is based on the latest GSMA eSIM / eUICC technology. What does that mean in people speak? It means the ability to remotely provision and reprogram on the fly. Or in other words, the power to choose the best provider at any time. No paper clip required.

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What is the Io3 SIM?

Explore the features and benefits of the Io3 SIM Stack:

IoT SIM trusted


Built by best-in-class vendors and backed by Truphone. Nine of the world's largest banks rely on us.

IoT SIM secure


Fully compliant with the strictest security standards and specifications including GSMA and ETSI.

IoT SIM unrestrained


Fully compliant to GSMA eUICC specifications. Interoperable. Works with third-party eUICC platforms.

Need to update your device on the fly?

The unbelievable power of global remote SIM management.


Provision, update and manage your devices from anywhere in the world.

  • Trusted subscription management platform that aligns to industry standards and is open to all SIM card vendors and operators worldwide.
  • OTA (over-the-air) live updates and network profile switching from any location worldwide.
  • Secure, proprietary SIM provisioning platform that is SAS-SM Certified and based on the GSMA RSP specification.
  • Full interoperable with all GSMA-compliant eUICC vendors with committed support for the GSMA specifications.


Change carrier, without swapping the SIM. No lock in contracts. No Hassle.

  • Live-from-birth connectivity means customers no longer have to establish an agreement to start using their device.
  • No vendor lock-in means your customers are able to quickly change providers.
  • Multiple-profile support means the ability to attach multiple accounts and phone numbers to one device.
  • Over-the-air updates mean new settings are easily pushed out or pulled from anywhere in the world.

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Discuss your project

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