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eSIM offers a huge market opportunity.

After decades at the heart of connected devices around the world, the removable SIM card now has a smarter sibling: the embedded SIM. The new eSIM GSMA specifications now extend beyond the companion device thus creating a greater demand for connectivity at the touch a button. Will you be ready?

The average household will have 24 connected devices by 2019 and conservative estimations predict 50 billion connected devices by 2020. - Connolly (CIO)


eSIM will unlock consumer devices.

Fast-moving mobile operators can reap the benefits of partnering with eSIM manufacturers to capture a shifting market—allowing for a smoother experience for technological interaction.

Manufacturers will produce over 100 million eSIM enabled devices in 2019 which will only accelerate in years to come. - GSMA Intelligence


Flexible SIM provisioning solution.

As a leading innovator in SIM technology, Truphone enables mobile operators to rapidly roll out support for eSIM enabled devices by providing a complete "as-a-service" solution. Our GSMA accredited platform offers you end to end control over the life cycle of an eSIM and can be integrated with existing SIM fulfilment processes.


  • Acquire new connected consumer devices
  • Reduce customer attrition, ensuring future revenue
  • Reduce traditional SIM fulfilment costs
  • Improve customer experience
  • Influence global standards for eSIM contracts
  • Open up new revenue streams with IoT
eSIM platform

What we offer

Get that Truphone feeling.

Getting connected with eSIM technology can be complicated, so we've made it easy to get ahead of your competition. Here are just some things you don't have to worry about:

  • Secure & Interopable

    A RSP solution that's tried and tested by UL Transaction Security and interoperable with leading eSIM vendors.

  • GSMA

    SAS-SM Certification by GSMA and configured with the public key infrastructure supplied by DigiCert.

  • Integration

    Complete integration including BSS/OSS, front-end APIs and key components like an Entitlement Server.

  • Hosting management

    Generation, management and hosting of operator profiles aligned to GSMA specifications.

Partnering with us

A simple eSIM Provisioning service.

Our experts built a complete eSIM solution and can provide you with all the necessary technology and expertise to get your network integrated in just 12 weeks. We will even get you up and running with no upfront fees or long term commitments.

  • eSIM trial

    1. Trial

    Setup your profiles with no upfront cost.

    • Free profile definition and on-boarding
    • Secure Key exchange
    • Initial test profile ordering
    • Service testing using removable eSIM

    2 - 4 Weeks

  • eSIM integrated

    2. Integrate

    Integrate with no volume commitments.

    • Io3 RSP APIs and BSS/OSS integration
    • Regular reports configured
    • First production order
    • Entitlements integration

    4 - 12 Weeks

  • eSIM deploy

    3. Go-live

    A simple flat-rate pricing structure.

    • On-boarding of production devices
    • eSIM Order Management
    • Profile Management
    • In-life technical support


Talk to an Expert.

Only fast-moving operators will acquire a foothold in the future. Get in touch now to find out more.