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One provider to light-up over 190 countries

It cost us half a billion dollars to build the world's first global network. What does this mean for you? How about one contract for 190 countries with push-button deployment and automatic, location-based, rate selection to smartly control costs. In other words, the ability to go from prototype to global distribution without breaking a sweat.

Truphone connectivity world map
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IoT network connect with one click


Automatically deploy any device across every network worldwide, at the simple push of a button. It's never been that easy.

IoT network single point management


All your devices are monitored and managed from one single point, making them easier to upgrade, restore and support.

IoT network easy predictable pricing


Payment plans are tailored to you and offer a range of options based on location and data requirements.

The Io3 Connectivity advantage:

  • Comprehensive and robust coverage with multiple network operators servicing each region.
  • Access to all network types on demand: 2G, 3G, 4G & LPWAN. 
  • Premium customer streaming experience with local, high-speed breakouts to reduce latency.
  • Enhanced bottom line with both high and low-usage plans, close-to-local rates, and flexible billing options.
Connectivity map

We support all modules with PTCRF / GCF certifications.

Most cellular modules are known to work well with the Truphone SIM and connectivity. To guarantee full compatibility, we recommend to either use a recommended module or to contact us to certify free-of-charge a module not on this list.

Sim modules Please check the details of the module for use with the Truphone service.

“We wanted to expand internationally and start connecting out devices in multiple countries of Europe, Africa and Latin America. The global cellular connectivity service from Truphone with a centralised management and close to local rates was a great option.”

Nuno Ramalho


You bring the product. We bring the support.

Why deal with the hassle of building a support team? We can help you grow and scale more rapidly by offering your customers world-class, 24/7, multilingual support via phone, website, chat or email.

Start building right now.

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