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For many operators, the introduction of eSIM has created some fear and uncertainty over how it will impact existing distribution channels and customer churn. But, with the introduction of the eSIM to the Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPad and Apple Watch, the number of eSIM enabled consumer devices is clearly on the rise—and cannot be ignored.

eSIM Phone

Reach across the spectrum of connected devices

From tablets, to phones, to wearables, we’ve got you covered.

Getting your network connected to a growing spectrum of devices is a challenge. With our entitlements server, we can put you ahead of the competition on millions of consumer devices quickly.
ESIM devices

Dual SIM for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

As the masses move towards eSIM-enabled devices, the pressure on mobile operators to provide support for customers who wish to use features such as Dual SIM and simple connectivity management, will be too high to withstand.

  • Consumer remote SIM Provisioning
    Consumer remote SIM Provisioning (SM-DP+)
  • Entitlements Server
    Entitlements Server (Optional)
  • eSIM Discovery Service
    eSIM Discovery Service (SM-DS) (Optional)
  • Carrier Application
    Carrier Application
Smart Phones

eSIM with companion devices.

New devices such as the Apple Watch 4, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch 2 are being designed and released with cellular connectivity support. The engineering effort to support high speed LTE and excellent battery life is to be applauded.

  • Consumer remote SIM Provisioning
    Consumer remote SIM Provisioning (SM-DP+)
  • Entitlements Server
    Entitlements Server
  • Websheets
Companion Devices

Standalone connected travel devices.

A new breed of portable devices – from Microsoft’s “Always Connected” PC range to the iPad Pro – are being created with mobility in mind. While Wi-Fi might be sufficient at the office, when on the road – or in front of a client – staying constantly connected is a must.

  • Consumer remote SIM Provisioning
    Consumer remote SIM Provisioning (SM-DP+)
  • Entitlements Server
    Entitlements Server
  • Websheets
Travel Devices

Partnering with us

Getting connected with eSIM technology can be complicated, so we've made it easy to get ahead. Here are some of the things we offer:

Secure and interoperable

A remote SIM provisioning solution that's tried and tested by UL Transaction Security and is interoperable with leading eSIM vendors.


SAS-SM Certification by the GSMA and configured with the public key infrastructure supplied by DigiCert.


Complete integration including BSS/OSS, front-end APIs and key components such as entitlement servers.

Management and hosting

Generation, management and hosting of operator profiles aligned to GSMA specifications.

A simple eSIM Provisioning service

Our experts have built a complete eSIM solution and can provide you with all the necessary technology and expertise to get your network integrated in just 12 weeks. We will even get you up and running with no upfront fees or long-term commitments.

  • Trial

    1. TRIAL

    Setup your profiles with no upfront cost.
    • Free profile definition and on-boarding
    • Secure Key exchange
    • Initial test profile ordering
    • Service testing using removable eSIM

    2 - 4 WEEKS

  • Integrate


    Integrate with no volume commitments.
    • Io3 RSP APIs and BSS/OSS integration
    • Regular reports configured
    • First production order
    • Entitlements integration

    4 - 12 WEEKS

  • Go live

    3. GO-LIVE

    A simple flat-rate pricing structure.
    • On-boarding of production devices
    • eSIM Order Management
    • Profile Management
    • In-life technical support


Download the Truphone eSIM Cookbook to learn more

A few simple recipes to smooth the journey towards the next generation of connected devices.

A new and exciting customer experience

Access our GSMA certified remote SIM provisioning platform, entitlements server, and Apple and Android integration services all under one simple hosted services agreement.

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