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Don't just compete with the market. Lead it.

Deliver awe-inspiring customer experiences with greater precision, agility and profitability.

Io3 Enhance Customer Experience

Create new experiences.

Gain deep insights into your customers' true preferences. Create new perennial services. Update your product anywhere in the world.

Io3 Competitive Advantage

Disrupt industries and markets.

It's time to raise the game. Io3 can help you slash time-to-market, unlock new revenue streams and scale globally at blinding speed.

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Harness the power of AI.

Leverage the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The Io3 platform gives you the data you need to make this a reality.

IoT Connected Car

$210B - $740B

Autonomous vehicles and condition-based maintenance

Condition based maintenance, usage based design, pre-sales analytics and, of course, automation of cars, trucks, ships, aircraft, and trains.

IoT Smart Home

$200B - $350B

Home automation and security

Efficiency, convenience and safety via home controllers, connected appliances, automated lighting systems and smart security systems.

IoT Security

$70B - $150B

Security and energy

Energy management and security in office buildings, workplace analytics and improved productivity for remote employees.

IoT Operations

$1.2T - $3.7T

Operations and equipment optimisation

Automation of repetitive work routines, optimisation of equipment utilisation, and real-time inventory management.

IoT Commerce

$410B - $1.2T

Automated checkout and commerce

Self-checkout, in-store offers, and inventory optimisation in stores, banks, restaurants, and anywhere consumers shop and purchase.

Health Ops IoT

$160B - $930B

Operations optimisation/health and safety

Operating efficiencies and predictive maintenance, health and safety in mining, oil and gas, and construction industries.

IoT Health

$107B - $1.6T

Health and fitness

Wearable and indigestible devices that monitor and maintain human health and wellness providing better disease management, increased fitness and productivity.

IoT Logistics

$560B - $850B

Logistics and navigation

Real-time routing, connected navigation and shipment tracking for users of railroad networks, autonomous vehicles, and flight navigation.

IoT Public Health

$930B - $1.7T

Public health and transportation

Adaptive traffic control, smart meters, environmental monitoring and resource management in public spaces and urban settings.

“Like us, Truphone is a leader in providing future-proof solutions. We chose them because they delivered the best quality connectivity with predictable costs across many countries.”

Patrick Ten Berge

Co-founder, The Plan B Company

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