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Truphone’s technology and capabilities can be tailored to enable Mobile Operators, global brands, technology providers and systems integrators to meet global mobile connectivity needs and drive competitive advantage.

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New global connectivity

Globalisation, mobilisation and IoT are mega-trends fundamentally changing our environment. People, devices, cars and computers are increasingly dependent on the mobile ecosystem. The traditional industry model struggles to meet emerging global connectivity demands... but Truphone was built to be global.

Global Connectivity
Worldwide Recording


Call Quality




Mobile operators

  • Deliver a differentiated global mobile proposition for B2B, B2C and M2M opportunities
  • Integrate your existing multi-country footprint to create a virtual whole
  • Expand into new territories with an integrated solution

Global brands

  • Create your own bespoke hosted global mobile solution
  • Enable your ecosystem across multiple countries
  • Converge global mobility with existing communications solutions

Technology providers

  • Fill the global mobility gap in your portfolio
  • Add unique product features to your offering
  • Deliver converged global communications solutions
  • Gain access to Truphone’s unique capabilities and patent portfolio
Proven multi-IMSI Capability

SEAMLESS Multi-IMSI Capability

Patented OTA SIM Management


Integrated IoT Platform

IoT/M2MIntegrated Platform

Global mobile network

Enabled features include: multiple numbers on one SIM that are simultaneously always active; shared plans across multiple countries; superior data quality. Control capabilities include: Patented quality management technology; centralised operations (porting, currency, tax, regulation); build products once and roll out. Managed service or ‘Build Operate Transfer’ models.

Learn more about our global mobile network (PDF)
Worldwide Call Recording

IoT connectivity management

Manage, monetise and expand the IoT/M2M connectivity service in a multi-country environment. Control the full life-cycle of the connectivity subscriptions, devices and SIM cards. Explore the opportunity in connected devices and real-time data to offer improved business processes and grow service revenue.

Learn more about our IoT/M2M connectivity management platform (PDF)
Truphone Compliance

Truphone wins global Internet of Things provider award from Compass

The Global IoT Innovation Vendor of the Year Award is recognition of Truphone’s innovative work in the IoT space

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Patented global Quality Management

PATENTED Quality Assurance

Centralised multi-Country NOC

GLOBAL NOCProactive Management

Scalable to 100+ Countries

SCALABLETo 100+ Countries

Mobile Recording

Seamless recording both voice and SMS is critical to enterprises as regulation for mobile recording expands globally. Our network-based solution with patented call management enables operators to offer a market leading capability with quality and control. That’s why our solution is preferred by seven of the world’s top investment banks.

Learn more about Truphone Mobile Recording (PDF)
Cloud or onsite storage

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