• Comply with regulations

    Comply with regulations

    Ensure evidential weight for regulations like MiFID II, FCA, COBS, FINRA and CFTC.

  • Unchanged user experience

    Unchanged user experience

    Keep existing devices plus features like call waiting, GSM conferencing and voicemail.

  • Global by design

    Global by design

    Record your users worldwide using our unique network and our patented Call Forking.

Why Truphone offers the best mobile recording solution


Most mobile voice recording services use apps to record calls, which can cause connection delays, in call-latency and reduced phone functionality. As a result, some staff may not use the technology, breaching regulations.

Instead of capturing traffic on the device, or uploading it to a remote server, Truphone Mobile Recording routes all calls and SMS via our unique patented Call Forking technology. So there is no degradation and no risk to compliance.

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When traditional mobile operators record global calls they're expensive as they're treated as two international calls: one to the recording suite; one back home. The call quality suffers as data travels further and latency may mean some calls aren't compliant.

By contrast, our patented Call Forking technology handles calls at a nearby point of presence (POP) with only the recorded stream routed back home. As the call itself isn't diverted, both users can enjoy a high quality call with no delays, or roaming costs.

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Most mobile operators only offer mobile voice recording in the country they're based in – usually just the UK, or US. Truphone Mobile Recording is powered by our unique, unified global infrastructure. We're the only provider to offer a single global recording architecture that seamlessly and securely captures and stores calls and SMS across 196 countries and territories.

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Solving the SMS compliance challenge

Truphone's Global SMS recording solution enables financial institutions to overcome the BlackBerry migration challenge by ensuring recorded SMS. For many financial institutions that are transitioning away from BlackBerry to iOS and Android, their SMS communication will no longer be recorded, resulting in non-compliant communications and hefty fines. Truphone Mobile Recording is the market leading solution that works globally and across devices to ensure every SMS is recorded and securely stored.

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Trusted by 9 of the world’s top 12 banks

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Choose the best compliance for your business.

Cloud or On-Site Deployment Options

You can securely record, encrypt, store and manage your information in our secure hosted cloud environment. Or you can choose to integrate with your enterprise recording infrastructure (NICE, Verint, VERBA or Actiance).

Why cloud mobile recording?
Why on-site mobile recording?

Tried and Test by Nine world-leading banks

Truphone Mobile Recording is used by nine of the 12 world's largest investment banks, plus over a 100 financial institutions. As well as complying with regulations like MiFID II, they enjoy better call quality and faster download speeds for lower rates thanks to Truphone's unique mobile network.

What are MiFID II requirements?


This guide to deciding the best mobile recording option gives:

  • An overview of FCA regulation
  • The 13 factors you must consider
  • Pros and cons of different storage
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One of the world's largest Tier 1 banks chose our solution, gaining:

  • Seamless in-network recording
  • Storage of all voice and SMS
  • Cost savings of over 50% on international mobility
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Download our latest Whitepapers discussing several key areas:

  • The New EU Environment
  • MiFID II Best Practices
  • Compliant Mobile Recording
  • Why Managing By Policy Fails
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Truphone Mobile Recording FAQ

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