Truphone statement regarding World Sim Roaming Inc

Truphone Limited wishes to alert its customers and other members of the public to the website of a company called World Sim Roaming, Inc.

This website includes pictures of current and former members of Truphone's senior management, labelled with fake names, including our current CEO, Ralph Steffens (who is shown as "Robert Potts") and current CTO, Igor Borisoglebski (who is shown as "Manuel Gaudian").

Truphone wishes to make it clear that:
- these pictures are being used without permission; and
- neither Truphone nor its current and, to the best of our knowledge, former employees or management has or has ever had any connection with World Sim Roaming, Inc.

We have already sent a formal takedown notice to the domain registrar and host of the website in question, requesting removal of the website.

We have also alerted ActionFraud (which is the reporting arm of the UK National Cyber Crime Agency).


Oliver Pink +447983 571603

25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London
E14 5LQ

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