What we do

All it takes is a better idea. Founded on innovation, we give you the freedom to stay connected wherever you are.

Hello freedom

Imagine not thinking twice about using your phone when away. Download your Spotify playlist by mistake? It doesn’t matter. Because our network is global, there won't be roaming costs. Instead, there's one world plan to cover whichever country you're in, one SIM that never needs swapping. And wherever you go, you get the same quality coverage as home, with the same customer support. With Truphone, you'll be roaming free.

Truphone Innovation

Future ready

Designed to fit the future, we've built our network to challenge the status quo of high cost, poor coverage abroad. While traditional operators face country border limits, we set out to change this with a network that treats the world as one. With it, we provide a platform for communicating in an ever-connecting world. A global network to help you network globally.

Future Ready
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