Why MultiLine?

Truphone MultiLine has been developed in partnership with some of the world’s largest banks for financial institutions and enterprises to address the growing demand for secure BYOD policies.

The solution itself is underpinned by the class-leading MultiLine application from Movius and has been fully integrated with Truphone’s global infrastructure and telecommunications network.

This means users will benefit from the unique global network and services offered by Truphone without having to switch SIM cards or carry two devices or change their personal number.


How it works

Personal calls, SMS and data flows through the native operating system on the device with no change to the personal number or device functionality and performance.

Business calls will be made and received through the Truphone MultiLine application which has been assigned a dedicated business number. Similarly, SMS, WhatsApp and WeChat messaging from this number are also supported within the Truphone MultiLine environment.

How it works

Why Truphone Multiline?

  • Business number delivery

    Smart BYOD

    At its core, the service enables the compliant delivery of a corporate owned and managed number to a personal smartphone.

    • No corporate device neccessary.
    • All communications to and from the business-owned number are routed through the application.
    • Managed in accordance with corporate policy.
    • Smartphone’s native operating system continues to handle all data, voice and SMS for the user’s personal number.

  • Smartphone Agnostic

    Device support

    Truphone MultiLine offers the flexibility to offer compliant contact delivery and capture on personal devices supporting BYOD strategies.

    • The application works with any modern Android or iOS device.
    • Features built-in productivity and compliance features for improved efficiency and control.

  • Global service

    Excellent reach

    Truphone MultiLine provides an unparalleled capability to deliver secure, compliant corporate communication services globally.

    • Fully integrated number ranges are available in 23 countries.
    • Full porting in nine of the world’s largest financial hubs.
    • Centrally controlled and globally distributed residing on a ubiquitous global core.
    • Unified tariff, billing, security, compliance and policy systems globally.
    • End-user support in five languages.

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Discover powerful features


GSM voice and data calling

Truphone MultiLine enables calling over GSM Voice & Data and WiFi. The extended range of connectivity options means users can always be connected by the method that best suits them at that time.


Corporate policy implementation

A dedicated or shared contact list can be easily synchronised with an enterprise directory and rules can be set to block, redact or otherwise re-direct calls based on business policy. Messaging and SMS are supported as standard, with opt-in and redaction controls set by the employer. WhatsApp and WeChat are also available.


Enterprise control

The Truphone MultiLine application can be enabled to ensure company policy is observed when using the business profile. These include various bespoke policy engines and automation workflows which provide a greater level of corporate oversight to employers. Effective provisioning through corporate application stores such and Blackberry and InTune further improve efficient control.


Regulated user support

Truphone MultiLine also supports regulatory compliance obligations. Where required, all business calls and SMS to the corporate number can be captured using Truphone’s award-winning mobile recording technology delivered directly, in real-time to an organisations existing compliance recording architecture or stored in Truphone secure private cloud. WhatsApp and WeChat platforms are developed specifically to accommodate compliant message capture via the providers’ business APIs.