The Future of Mobile Communications in the Global Financial Markets

November 2020 · FREE WHITEPAPER

Exploring the future innovation and challenges that will impact how we enable wireless communication.

Recently, the way we work has changed at lightning speed, and so has the pace at which financial institutions have needed to adapt their digital transformation strategies and mobile device strategy, from years to weeks or months.

With the growth of technology consumerisation, remote working and Unified Communications, the need to ensure mobile device and communications strategies remain innovative and adaptable remains higher than ever. Ensuring a viable and future-proofed mobile device strategy which is secure, compliant and cost-effective is of paramount importance.

Read our latest whitepaper to explore the following:

  • What is a viable and sustainable mobile device strategy and how can BYOD play a part?
  • How can we keep pace with the ever-increasing regulatory demand?
  • How can remote working be effectively supported?
  • How can supplier controls be effectively managed?
  • How can we manage the emergence of Unified Communication?
  • How will emerging technologies such as 5G, eSIM and consumer Instant Messaging play a part?
  • How can this be achieved whilst the industry continues to scale the monoliths of security and compliance, while simultaneously providing the best technology that attracts the best talent and helps them succeed?
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