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Are you ready for MiFID II?

Are you on top of the new MiFID II requirements? We teamed up with our partners at Verint and Intelligent Trading Technology to deliver the MiFID II Compliant Mobile Recording Webinar Series. Learn how your organisation can comply without with compromise.

Ready for MiFID II



Verint explained how mobile recording can be integrated into a single, communications recording platform that may include trading turrets and PBX phones along with non-voice recording offerings like Instant Messages and SMS. Verint also explained how analytics can help meet the surveillance requirements of MiFID II.


About the speakers

Andy Davies

Andy Davies heads up Global Financial Compliance at Verint. Responsible for Verint’s global compliance recording and analytics business for trading floors, including Verint’s global OEMs, partnerships and product strategy. He started in the Eyretel in 1998, with subsequent positions in Witness System and NICE followed by Verint for the last 10 years. Over the last three years, Andy has been focused on the strategy and partnerships required to meet the growing market requirement for trade surveillance.

Paul Liesching

Paul Liesching is the Global Head of Financial Markets at Truphone. Using his specialist expertise, he is enabling banks, brokers and investment managers of all sizes to comply with MiFID II by January 2018. Having worked with the world’s largest investment banks, Paul is dedicated to the mission-critical implementation of the only truly international solution, Truphone Mobile Recording.

Ian Jones

Ian has worked globally with organisations in different sectors and of various sizes for over 20 years. He is a lecturer on legal ethics, regulatory compliance and risk management and a member of the Law Society Conveyancing and Land Law Committee, as well as being the Chair of its Regulatory Working Group. In addition, Ian is also the author of the widely read “Butterworths In-House Lawyers Handbook” and a contributor to “Butterworths Guide to the Legal Services Act 2007”.

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