How Apple SIM for iPad can enhance overseas business

How Apple SIM for iPad can enhance overseas business

Supercharge your business engagements without roaming fees with Truphone

Truphone for Apple SIM allows you to travel across the globe and utilise 4G without any roaming fees. If you're a business traveller, Apple SIM offers endless opportunities to enhance your travels. Here's just a few reasons why you should choose an Apple SIM provider without roaming fees.

1. Figures on the Go
With Truphone for Apple SIM you'll never find yourself wanting for information, no matter what situation you're in. Apple SIM on the iPad allows you to access 4G internet in 40 countries at the drop of a hat. In contrast to a laptop - which requires a table, a Wi-Fi signal and often a charger - the iPad allows you to access your facts and figures on the go.

2. A Global Meeting Tool
The iPad offers the perfect sized technology for meetings. It's quick to load and big enough to display to a group. With Truphone for Apple SIM, you'll also be able to use it across the globe, meaning you're always prepared. Whether you're meeting in an office in Atlanta or a vineyard in South Australia, you'll remain connected.

3. Remove the Restrictions
The iPad has transformed many aspects of our life, offering the ability to search the web and access a treasure trove of apps. Unfortunately, as soon as you lose your connection to the internet it can become redundant. Truphone for Apple SIM allows you to access the internet in up to 40 countries, removing the restrictions on how you use your iPad across the globe.

4. Cost Effective and Flexible Packages
Apple SIM for iPad is a tool of convenience. You can access the data plans you need based on your requirements at the click of a few buttons, removing the need for physical SIM cards or Wi-Fi passwords. Truphone for Apple SIM packages last 30 days, so you only pay for the data you need. Plus, with no roaming fees you can remove the risk of paying over the odds.

How to access Truphone for Apple SIM

Accessing Apple SIM on your iPad couldn't be any simpler. Simply go to Settings on your iPad, then Cellular/Mobile Data and then Set Up Cellular/Mobile Data. You then need to select Truphone from the list of carriers in order to enjoy roaming free data packages.

All you need is your email and bank card information before choosing your data plan. Once you press the order button, your Apple SIM will be activated so that you can access your data. Head over to for more information on Apple SIM.

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