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How Do I Set Up Call Forwarding?

Definition and steps on how to switch on/off Call Forwarding.

At Truphone, you can divert incoming calls to any fixed phone or mobile number that is the same as your Primary number. For example:

  • Calls to a UK primary number can be diverted to another UK mobile number or fixed phone.
  • Calls to a US primary number can be diverted to another US mobile number or fixed phone.
It is important to note that enabling the Call Forwarding feature means that all calls to your Truphone primary and additional numbers will be forwarded to your designated number.

Conditions To Enable Call Forwarding

There are several conditions that need to be met in order to allow a call to be forwarded to a designated number.

  • Call forwarding is available to our business-to-business and business-to-consumer customers.
  • Call forwarding is not available to customers subscribed to the Truphone Mobile Recording service.
  • The phone number must be in an international format e.g. UK +447408... or USA +1618... etc.
  • Calls cannot be forwarded to Emergency or Premium Rate numbers.

Types Of Call Forwarding

There are two types of call forwarding:

1. Unconditional Call Forwarding

Unconditional Call Forwarding will divert all calls from your phone to your chosen mobile or fixed number regardless if you are engaged in a call, unreachable due to poor coverage, unable to pick up etc.

• To Activate: *21*[Phone Number]#
• To Cancel & De-register:  ##21#
• Cancel but retain call forward number for future use: #21#
• Status on call forwarding number: *#21#
• Re-establish call forwarding number: *21#

2. Conditional Call Forwarding

Conditional call forwarding can be set up to divert calls to a number of your choice when:

 When Busy - You are in a call
• When There Is No Reply - You are unavailable
• When Not Reachable - You are unreachable e.g. there is no signal or your phone is switched off

The following are the available settings for each of these: 

A. Divert Calls When Busy

• To Activate: *67*[Phone Number]#
• To Cancel & De-register: ##67#
• Cancel but retain call forward number for future use: #67#
• Status on call forwarding number: *#67#
• Re-establish call forwarding number: *67# 

B. Divert Calls When There Is No Reply

• To Activate: *61*[Phone Number]#
• To Cancel & De-register: ##61#
• Cancel but retain call forward number for future use: #61#
• Status on call forwarding number: *#61#
• Re-establish call forwarding number: *61# 

C. Divert Calls When Not Reachable

• To Activate: *62*[Phone Number]#
• To Cancel & De-register: ##62#
• Cancel but retain call forward number for future use: #62#
• Status on call forwarding number: *#62#
• Re-establish: *62#

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