Compatible Apple Watches

Apple Watches that support Truphone mobile/cellular plans. 

Family Setup

What is “Family Setup” on Apple Watch? 

One Number

Setting up a plan for myself. 


How to locate your EID. 

Account Management

Self-Care Portal.

Apple Watch Plans

Available Plans

Mobile/Cellular plans for Apple Watch.


Supported countries on Apple Watch.

Transferring Plans

Transfer a plan from one Watch to another.

Apple Watch Phone Number

Phone Number

Support for Apple Watch phone number.

Number Porting

Porting in or out with Truphone.


Using your Apple Watch as a Hotspot.


Buying a Plan

How to buy a mobile/cellular plan for Apple Watch. 

Payment Methods

Supported payment methods.

Cancelling Your Plan

How to cancel your plan.

Support with Payments

Payment support & how to update your saved card.


Issues with Set Up

Common issues that occur during set up.


Common issues that occur while using our Apple Watch service.

Device Support

Managing your Apple Watch device.

Self-Care Portal

Common self-care portal issues.

Changing Countries or Plans

Using your Apple Watch in other countries.

Lost or Stolen Devices

Lost or stolen Apple Watches.

Usage Limits

Limitations of your Apple Watch plan.

Calling and Voicemail Issues

Support for calling and voicemail.

Issues with Voice Calls

Quick guide for voice call issues on an Apple Watch.

Issues with Text Messages

Quick guide for text message issues on an Apple Watch.

Issues with Data & Applications

Quick guide for data & apps issues on an Apple Watch.

Device Change

Changing watches or paired iPhones.

Refresh Your Apple Watch Connection

Guide on how to refresh your watch connection & what to do if you're getting a No Service error.

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