The most trusted

The most trusted

Nine global investment banks and over 100 financial institutions use us.

Why Truphone Mobile Recording?
The most innovative

The most innovative

Patented Call Forking technology means perfect call quality worldwide.

How does our technology work?
The most global

The most global

We provide in-network recording for compliance in the most countries.

What are MiFID II requirements?

The best global in-network mobile recording

Truphone is not unique in providing an in-network recording solution, but the way we do it is. Global by design, we deliver a single in-network mobile recording solution that works across all the world’s major business hubs. Using patented Call Forking technology, our global voice and SMS recording solution helps your organisation comply with regulations while continuing business as usual.

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The best global in-network mobile recording

No change to the user experience

We deliver an unchanged global user experience and assure evidential weight requirements are met: no other mobile recording solution can do this. Our mobile recording is seamless worldwide – with no delay or degradation of calls – and employees can continue to use features like call waiting, conference calling and voicemail.

Discover how our technology works
Mobile recording user experience

Truphone’s MiFID II ‘Best Practice for Compliant Mobile Recording’ Webinar Series.

We’ve teamed up with Verint & Intelligent Trading Technology to deliver the MiFID II Webinar Series.

Watch Part 1 Watch Part 2

Choose a secure cloud or on-site solution.

On-site solution

Record, encrypt and manage all global voice and SMS traffic using your existing compliance infrastructure (integrate with Actiance, NICE, VERBA or Verint).

On-site solution
Why choose on-site storage?

Cloud solution

Record, encrypt and manage all global voice and SMS traffic via our secure, resilient, hosted infrastructure. No need for integration.

Cloud solution
Why choose cloud storage?

Moving from Blackberry? How will you record SMS?

Our global SMS recording solution works on Apple and Android devices.

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Trusted by 9 of the world’s top 12 banks

Credit Suisse UBS CitiBank

Buyers’ guide

This guide to deciding the best mobile recording option gives:

  • An overview of FCA regulation
  • The 13 factors you must consider
  • Pros and cons of different storage
Read our buyers’ guide

Case study

One of the world’s largest Tier 1 banks chose our solution, gaining:

  • Seamless in-network recording
  • Storage of all voice and SMS
  • Cost savings of over 50% on international mobility
Read our case study


For Whom the Bell Tolls: MiFID II and the Death of Management by Policy Whitepaper will address several key areas:

  • The New EU Environment
  • The UK Experience of Call Recording
  • Why Managing By Policy Fails
  • Ever Evolving Technology
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Truphone Mobile Recording FAQ

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