Code of Conduct

 Truphone Customer Code


A guide to our services and what to do if you have a problem

The aim of the Truphone Customer Code is to give you a clear guide to our services and to explain our procedures for complaint handling and dispute resolution if you have a problem. It doesn't affect your legal rights, or form part of a contract between you and us.


Our contact details

You can contact us via the following methods:

Consumer customers

Phone: 707 from your Truphone handset or +61 2 8999 4200

Business customers

Phone: 707 from your Truphone handset or +61 2 8999 4206

Alternatively, you can write to us at:

Customer Services
Truphone Pty Limited
Level 9, 100 Walker Street,
North Sydney NSW 2060

If you'd like receive this document in a different format, such as in large print or in Braille please contact us via the details above.


Principal Office

The principal office address is:
Customer Services
Truphone Pty Limited
Level 9, 100 Walker Street,
North Sydney NSW 2060


Our code of practice on customer service

Truphone provides global mobile voice and data communications services including in Australia through a muti-IMSI SIM card solution. Where Truphone does not have a direct presence in a particular country it offers its customers communications services through roaming agreements with other mobile network operators. Truphone's services include voice calls, text and picture messaging, MMS and data usage. A detailed description of the Truphone services and where it is available can be found at



Our pricing depends on the type of package or bundle you purchase and whether you are a pre-pay or post-pay customer. We also have different rates for our business customers. Further details of our charges and tariffs, including the packages available to you can be found at


Payment options

We offer a various payment options but these may be restricted depending on whether you have a pre-pay or post pay account with us. The payment options include:

  • Credit card
  • BPAY
  • Cheque via post
  • Auto Top Ups
  • Topping up on-line
  • Topping up via telephone

If you are a post-pay customer and you're late paying your bill, we'll write to you or call you to discuss how you can pay. If you have difficulty paying, we may be able to agree a repayment plan with you. If we have to suspend or terminate your account, you'll still have to pay a final bill to cover the monthly charges left on your contract.

You will also be able to access and manage your Truphone account via accessing and registering for an on-line account with Truphone. Please find further details at


Our exchange and refund policy

If you are a pre-pay customer, you have the option of asking for an exchange or refund within seven days if you have bought directly from Truphone or one of our reseller partners..


Equipment returns

  • Where equipment has been supplied, the IMEI/serial number must match that of the original equipment
  • All equipment supplied should be in its original saleable condition

In addition, please remember to include the following:

The charger and battery
The original packaging and user manual
Any accessories included with the equipment (eg, memory card, headset)

If you are a pay monthly customer, we'll charge you for line rental, any calls you made, and any texts or data used during the time you had the equipment, up to the point of return.



If you're returning equipment you bought as part of a promotion, you must return all promotional items (under the same conditions we've just explained) for equipment that isn't faulty. We'll assess mobile phones and accessories and any other equipment to see if they've been damaged or used.


Faulty equipment and accessories

If for any reason you find a fault with the equipment you've bought from Truphone then you must contact us as soon as possible by contacting customer services, either by dialing 707 from your Truphone device or +61 2 8999 4200 (consumer customer) or +61 2 8999 4206 (business customer). Please note, calls are charged at standard operator rates.Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at if you are a consumer or if you are a business customer

Please be aware that Truphone is not a manufacturer of equipment but resells third party equipment compatible with the Truphone services and as such Truphone only passes through such third party equipment providers warranty on the quality and use of that equipment.

We have the right not to offer you an exchange or refund if:

  • You've damaged the equipment in any way (excluding wear and tear)
  • The fault is due to something you've done; or
  • We told you about the fault before you bought the equipment


If your phone is lost or stolen

You must inform us as soon as possible if your mobile phone is lost or stolen so we can deactivate your account. Until you inform us of the loss or theft you will be solely liable for all costs incurred using your phone. Once you have let us know your mobile phone has been stolen,we will take all reasonable action to cancel any services within 72 hours of notification.


Cancelling your agreement – how you can end services

If you have a mobile service agreement, you can end the agreement by giving us 60 days' notice in writing or by emailing us, which will take effect after the end of your minimum contract period. If your agreement ends before the end of the minimum contract period then you will also have to pay the sum of the line rental charges for the remainder of the minimum contract period.


Pre-pay customers

If you have a pay as you go mobile phone, you can simply stop using it. If you stop using your Truphone service and still have credit on your account you must write to us to request any refund on your remaining credit. You must do so no later than thirty (30) days from the date of your last usage and Truphone will only refund any credit in excess of $5. Any free credit or promotional credit added to your account will not be subject to a cash refund but only the cash credit added by you to your account.


Our complaint handling procedures

Truphone endeavours to make the customer experience a very good one but at times you may feel that you would like to raise a complaint about our service or if you have a billing dispute.

This section of our code of practice sets out how to make a complaint and your rights to refer a dispute to an independent ombudsman.


1. Complaints about our Service

If you're not happy with our service and would like to make a complaint, please contact us first by calling 707 from your Truphone handset, or call

Consumer customers

Phone: +61 2 8999 4200 (standard charges apply)

Business customers

Phone: +61 2 8999 4206 (standard charges apply)

Our customer services team will assist you and will try and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Truphone is committed to resolving all issues in a timely manner. If your complaint is lodged via telephone, we will acknowledge your complaint and endeavour to resolve your complaint within 48 hours. If your complaint is lodged in any other way, we will aim to contact you and have the issue resolved within seven (7) business days. We are required to resolve your complaint within 8 weeks from the date the complaint was formally made to us.

If we are unable to resolve your issue immediately or within the above-referenced time frame, we will let you know the reasons why and provide you a timeframe for when you will receive a response. We will provide you with ongoing communication on the status of your complaint until the complaint is resolved.

In the unfortunate event that you are still not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint, it is suggested that you seek independent legal advice. You can also seek non-legal assistance from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) or take your concerns to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)


2. Complaints about a Truphone Invoice, our billing or charges levied on your account

We take customer billing complaints very seriously and if you need to make a complaint about any billing aspect of your Truphone account you can contact us on:

Consumer customers

Phone: +61 2 8999 4200 (standard charges apply)

Business customers

Phone: +61 2 8999 4206 (standard charges apply)

Once you have lodged a complaint with us we will acknowledge the complaint in writing to you and provide you with reasonable progress updates in relation to resolving the compliant where appropriate. Once the complaint has been resolved we will issue you with a written communication confirming the final decision made on your complaint

Truphone will endeavour to resolve all issues in a timely manner. We are required to resolve your complaint within 8 weeks from the date the complaint was formally made to us. If we have not issued you with a final response letter after 8 weeks and there has been no agreement between us for extending that time period, or you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint procedure, then you may make a complaint directly to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) or take your concerns to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)


Porting your mobile number

If you currently have a mobile phone number with a different mobile service provider and you want to keep this number but change to Truphone, you can port your number from your current mobile service provider to Truphone. Similarly, if you have a Truphone number and wish to transfer to another service provider then you can port your Truphone number out to another nominated service provider. To transfer your number, you have to contact your current network provider and ask for a porting authorisation code (PAC).

Please be aware that due to the unique nature of the Truphone service if you terminate your account or if you transfer your mobile number from Truphone to another mobile service provider you will only be able to do so for your primary Australian number and you will lose any other Truphone Country numbers that you also have associated with this Truphoneaccount. You may want to port out those numbers too but you will need to do so independently in each country and these will be treated as separate accounts for porting out purposes.


STOP command for premium texts

If you want to stop receiving unwanted premium rate text messages, simply send a reply to the service with the word STOP at the start of your text message. All services are now obliged to recognise the STOP command so that you can easily unsubscribe from the premium rate text service. If the service continues for whatever reason, please contact our customer services team by calling 707 from your Truphone device and inform them.


Unwanted marketing messages

It is unlawful for any business to send marketing messages by text (SMS), picture message (MMS) or video to your mobile phone without your consent. We will not send you such marketing messages unless you have consented to us providing you with such marketing messages. If you receive any unwanted marketing message from Truphone please contact us.




We are regulated by ACMA (the Australian Communications and Media Authority) which is the independent regulator for the Australian communications industry.